Nova Iris - latest innovative progressive lens

Nova Iris is the latest innovative progressive lens from Vision Rx Lab designed with advanced technologies to maximize visual quality. This lens provides superior visual acuity, full individualisation and customisation with wider reading area, easier adaptation, better cosmetic appearance and a stress free lifestyle through effortless vision.

Norman-Optika offers Bvlgari eyewear once again

Norman-Optika is proud to present Bvlgari eyewear anew in our store.

Bvlgari is a prestigious jewelry and luxury goods brand. In addition Bvlgari also offers several other products lines including watches, fragrances, eyewear and sunglasses.

Time to see with style campaign

During the "Time to see with style" campaign all Varilux progressive and office lenses - 50€/per pair until 31.12.2020.

Prescription sunglasses from 97 €

When purchasing sunglasses - your needs are our priority! Are you a keen golfer, do you enjoy riding a bicycle or driving a car or are you simply interested in the most fashionable sunglasses at the moment? From Norman-Optika you can order quality lenses for your sunglasses without restrictions on the favourite model or from your dioptres. The sunglasses are equipped with 100% UV protection. The back surface of the lens is covered with an anti-reflective coating, which reduces reflections from the back surface of the lens. In addition, you may choose your prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. Tinted sunlenses and photochromic lenses are now discounted up to -30% and Nova prescription sunglasses are available from 97€ per lenses and frame.

Nova UHD - the new way to see the world

These lenses are individually designed for every wearer using Responsive Vision Design whereby the wearer’s lifestyle and visual requirements are taken into consideration and the perfect PAL design is generated to provide high quality vision at all directions of gaze.

New Balance - a new trademark in Norman-Optika

New Balance now offers complete collections of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses for men, women, and children (opical frames only). As in New Balance footwear, the New Balance Eyewear collection features the New Balance trademark of: fit, performance and comfort.

Varilux X series: the progressive lens with an expanded field of near vision

Essilor has engineered the Varilux® X SeriesTM lens to optimize visual performance for tasks within arm’s reach. It has developed its XtendTM Technology to ensure simultaneous vision of multiple near distances. The result is a high level of visual clarity for activities at all distances, whether sitting and reading a book, using multiple digital devices at a time, or shifting vision between distances while driving a vehicle.

New coating Satin Aktiv

Unclear vision takes its toll on the road - car head lights affect visual sensation.

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