Prescription sunglasses from 97 €


Only sunglasses that fit you well, protect your eyes sufficiently from UV-rays, glares and intense light as well as from dust and debris. With good quality lenses your vision enjoyes undistorted colours and crisp perception of the terrain.

Polarized lenses reduce reflected glare from water and long, flat surfaces such as the hood of the car or the road's surface. These lenses are especially effective and beneficiary for drivers, boaters and fishermen. Polarized lenses include a filter, which blocks polarized rays of light, making vision through the sunglasses clearer and sharper and diminishing colour distortions to the minimum. Polarized lenses are recommended for everyone, except pilots.

Brown lenses filter out the blue light, enhancing the perception of the terrain also in low-light conditions. Grey lenses appear darker to the eyes, making them most suitable for bright sunny days. Grey and green tints are very neutral and alow the eyes to perceive colours in their purest form. Grey tints reduce brightness and glare. Our personnel will help you choose the most suitable sunlenses.


Nova lenses are manufactured with the help of digital technology. Thanks to the technology, the lenses are cosmetically beautiful, light and the vision is free from distortions. NOVA™ prescription sunlenses are very hard to tell from ordinary sunglasses. NOVA™ sunlenses have a hard coating on the surface of the lens and the back surface of the lens is covered with an anti-reflective coating, which reduces reflections from the back surface of the lens. Available also with polarized lenses.

  • The prices of optical sunglasses for children begin from 59 € 
  • The prices of optical sunglasses for teens begin from 79 € 
  • The models for adults from  97 €
  • The prices of optical sunglasses for sports begin from 116 € 
  • The prices of sunglasses with polarized lenses begin from 156 € 
  • The prices of multifocal sunglasses begin from 150 € 

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