Nova Iris - latest innovative progressive lens


Nova Iris is the latest innovative progressive lens from Vision Rx Lab designed with advanced technologies to maximize visual quality. Nova Iris Fully individualised dual surface PAL offers a stress free lifestyle through effortless vision.

Nova Iris incorporates the following technologies:

  • Intelligent Lens View Design: ideal base curve for all visual fields 
  • VSI Technology: lens optimisation technology leading to highest possible precision. Thanks to V.S.I. Technology, the position of individual power perspective points can be even more precisely calculated and processed.
  • Aberration Filter System 2.0: Reducing astigmatism for more comfortable lens. With Aberration Filter System 2.0 it is possible to correct higher grade aberration, astigmatism distortions and image deforamation to a great extent. It controls the prismatic deviation in both the sides of lenses. This enables the wearer to see in a more natural way, allowing virtually a swim free view.
  • Binocular Balancing: leading to smoothest power transitions and widest zones of peripheral vision. Binocular balancing, an upgraded calculating method, connects all the points in the peripherals of the lenses to create the smoothest power transitions possible. Nova Iris offers sharp, clear vision with improved contrast sensitivity at all the zones of the lenses, by optimization of aberrations and distortion levels.
  • Retina Forward Design: for habitual gaze position for all directions of gaze
  • Automatic Inset Selection 
  • Personalisation based on frame, eye parameters and lifestyle needs.

Benefits for patients:

  • Superior visual quality
  • Full individualization and customization possible
  • Innovative technology
  • Wider reading area
  • Better vision in the reading area
  • Easier Adaption for most wearers
  • Flatter lenses allow better frame compatibility
  • More cosmetically appealing
  • Trial tests show a strong preference by Wearer's for Nova Iris
  • Lesser aberrations for enchanced distortion free comfortable vision

This lens provides superior visual acuity, full individualisation and customisation with wider reading area, easier adaptation, better cosmetic appearance and a stress free lifestyle through effortless vision.



1. Excellent sharpness at all distances by Dual surface optimisation.

2. Customised incorporating the wearer’s lifestyle, eye & selected frame parameters.

3. Distortions, image deformations & swimming effects are almost nullified.

4. Effortless scanning from periphery to periphery with clear 3D perception

Price of Nova Iris 1.5 starting from 315€/pair.