Loyal customer’s benefits

At Norman-Optika, you will become a loyal customer for free after making your first purchase! No customer card comes with the status of a loyal customer – all of the required information is stored in our database.

Loyal customer’s discount from the regular price list: -15%.

The loyal customer’s discount is not applied to contact lenses and first orders or immediately after registering as a customer. The loyal customer’s status is termless. The discount of -15% from the regular price list also applies to the customer’s children who are youger than 18 years of age.

Loyal customers always get free maintenance of spectacles at Norman-Optika.

The maintenance includes:

  • bending of frames;
  • tightening of screws;
  • cleaning of spectacles with an ultrasould device. 

If a screw is lost within six months after purchasing the spectacles, it is replaced for free. No warranty applies to the normal wear and tear of parts.

Discounts for buying an extra pair of spectacles!

If you buy a second pair of spectacles within a year after purchasing your last pair, you will receive a - 20% discount from the regular price. The discount also applies in the case of two pairs being purchased for the same person together.

Different discounts cannot be combined.