Balmain 1051 black/grey horn 53-15

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Tavahind: 160,00 €

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Saadavus: Laos

Mustika keskus, Tallinn Kaart
Kohtu 1, Kuressaare Kaart
Rävala pst 6, Tallinn Kaart
Lasnamäe Prisma, Tallinn Kaart

Vintage inspiration for this acetate frame. Nice work of delamination for a top bar effect. Metal trims are inspired by the baroque design of belts.
Spring hinges for comfort. Balmain logo is represented by a “B” button on both temples. Little “B” on the temple tips as a signature detail.

lens-widthbridge  temple-length lens-height 

          53                     15                     135                   38,4        

This model has flex hinges.