Balmain 1093 burgundy 52-20 135F

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240,00 €

Saadavus: Laos

Mustika keskus, Tallinn Kaart
Rävala pst 6, Tallinn Kaart
Rüütli 14, Pärnu Kaart
Tasku keskus, Tartu Kaart

9.21  €
Fine frame round over size with subtle appearance of the metal temple on the face.
The thin tubular temples bring femininity to the silhouette.
The acetate temples are nicely embellished by metallic rings and the Balmain engraving.
A small "B" comes inside the endtips as a delicate signature. Flexible hinges for comfort.

lens-widthbridge  temple-length lens-height 

          52                     20                     135                   47,4