Julbo Looping 3 gray/pink spect4

Tavahind: 42,00 €

Special Price 33,60 €

Saadavus: Laos

Rävala pst 6, Tallinn Kaart

When kids reach the age of exploration and get their first taste of freedom, perfect protection and vision are essential. Our Looping sunglasses are the perfect answer: wraparound coverage, reversible frame with no hinges, curved temples, flat elastic strap… they won’t leave the face of even the most active child!

lens-widthbridge  temple-length lens-height 

          45                     15                     120                   32        

Asian Fit : Frame ergonomics adapted to Asian facial shapes.
Curved temples : Ergonomic profile for good grip on the face and head.
Extra-flat elastic strap : Keeps glasses firmly on small faces and stops them getting lost.
Reversible frame : Symmetrical frames so that children can wear them either way round
Wraparound wide shape : Wraparound profile combining protection and good vision.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This model comes with an extra-flat elastic strap.