Instructions for ordering

Before placing your order, make sure you have a prescription that specifies which spectacles or contact lenses you need. Please also see the spectacle wearer’s memo or the contact lens wearer’s memo before ordering.

If you have already worn contact lenses before, having the packaging of your last pair of lenses at hand is enough. Based on the packaging, you can be sure that you are ordering correct contact lenses. We advise wearers of contact lenses to have their vision checked at least once a year.

We offer an opportunity to order spectacle frames together with lenses.

  • Select suitable frames from our wide selection and click “order frames with lenses”
  • Fill in the fields:


Purpose of the spectacles

You can only order single view lenses from the e-store. To be able to make you a pair of well-fitting spectacles, we need to know whether the ordered spectacles are needed for viewing distant or near objects.

Type of lenses

In the case of small pluses or minuses (up to sph +2.5/-2.5), 20% thinned hard-surfaced plastic lenses with anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings are a good match for you. In the case of higher strengths, we would advise you to choose more extensively thinned plastic lenses.

Insert your prescription information

The information of the right eye is always provided on the line OD on a prescription for spectacles and the information of the left eye on the line OS. Your prescription may not specify the values of Cyl and axis, if you do not have astigmatism. In this case, please enter a Cyl value +/-0.00 and an axis value 0°. In the case of distant vision spectacles, the pupillary distance mostly ranges from 60-70 mm (right eye 30-35 mm, left eye 30-35 mm); the distance is below 60 mm in the case of near vision spectacles. If there is one single number describing the pupillary distance specified on your prescription (e.g. 64 mm), mark 32 mm as the distance of the right eye and 32 mm as the distance of the left eye.

When you have entered all the required information correctly, click “add to cart”

Entering the cart, you can ckeck once more whether you have entered all the information correctly. To place your order, click “finalise purchase”. You can pay as a guest or by registering as a customer of the e-store. We certainly advise you to register in order to be able to track the history of your order and place your future orders much more quickly.


Now, please insert our information
Choose delivery method
Pay directly from your bank account, by credit card, with an invoice, or through your PayPal account

Now, you will once again be displayed the summary of your order, which you can confirm by clicking “place order”.