Eye examination

An eye examination is the cornerstone of the service we provide. Amongst 100 different ways to assess eyesight, optometrists select the tests most appropriate for the client.

An eye examination is a series of tests that measure a person's ocular health and visual status. It is performed by an optometrist to determine if there are any pre-existing or potential vision problems. Eye exams may also reveal the presence of many non-eye diseases. Many systemic diseases can affect the eyes, and since the blood vessels on the retina are observed during the exam, certain problems may be uncovered (e.g., high blood pressure or diabetes). Therefor it is also advisable to visit an opthalmologist regularly.

Sight Test

  • Your personal and family health history is recorded, particularly as it may affect the health of your eyes.
  • Your current prescription is analyzed and your visual acuity recorded.
  • Your pupillary-distance (PD) is measured for optimum prescription accuracy.
  • Your visual acuity will be checked using autorefractometer and vision tester (Sifimav, Yang, View-M)
  • Your color vision will be checked.
  • Your near vision and recreational requirements will be accurately determined.
  • Your extra-ocular muscle balance will be analyzed to determine that your eyes are correctly coordinated.
  • Your eyes will be examined for the presence of cataracts.
  • A bio-microscope will be used to examine your cornea and conjunctiva (where indicated).
  • A keratometer will be used to measure your corneal curvature and topography (where indicated).
  • At the end of the examination you will be given a written prescription if corrective lenses are required and informed as to when a further consultation is recommended.
  • Sight test made by optometrist 20 EUR 
  • Sight test when purchasing glasses 5 EUR
  • Sight test made by eye doctor 20 EUR only in Tartu store, sight test when purchasing glasses 5 EUR
  • Eye pressure measuring 3,5 EUR

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Contact lens fitting

Contact lenses open up completely new visual perspectives. Seeing with contact lenses is the same as natural vision. The lenses adapt to every eye movement and allow vision with no restrictions to the field or angle of vision.

"Norman-Optika" works with Alcon contact lenses. Our specialists can recommend the best contact lenses for each case.
We offer one-day, monthly and extended wear contact lenses.

Contact lens fitting consists of following steps:

1st step:

  • optometrist makes full assessment of cornea and frontal part of eye (lids, conjunctiva)

2nd step:

  • Optometrist measures your corneal curvature and makes additional calculations to choose the most suitable contact lenses for you

3rd step:

  • you will have discussion on suitability of lenses and your lifestyle requirements
  • optometrist makes lens selection
  • you will have short trial period with the lenses selected for you
  • optometrist teaches you to use and to take care of your lenses
  • you will be given a personalized aftercare regime

Eye examination for contact lens prescription:

  • New contact lens fitting with purchase of contact lenses 20 EUR
  • New contact lens fitting without purchase of contact lenses 25 EUR
  • Repeated contact lens fitting 10 EUR
  • Re-examination 5-10 EUR*
  • Measurement with auto-refractometer 2 EUR
  • Schirmerś test 1,5 EUR
  • Lissamine green test 1,5 EUR
  • Trying the coloured contact lenses tints (max 3 tints) 5 EUR
*The cost of re-examination is determined by optometrist

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Glazing of lenses

"Norman-Optika" has all the necessary skills and equipment to fulfill your every glazing need. Kappa - the specialist edging system from Essilor will allow us to glaze lenses of any material - plastic, polycarbonate, and glass - and of any index.

  • Fitting lenses to metal, plastic or nylon frame 20 EUR*
  • Fitting lenses to rimless type frame 30 EUR
  • Preparation of spectacles within a few hours 20 EUR

**For loyal customer free of charge


Maintenance and repair of spectacles and sunglasses

You have possibility to repair your glasses and sunglasses in Norman-Optika stores.
We offer following services:

  • Changing of screw 3,0 EUR*
  • Rimless frames accessories 3,0 EUR
  • Changing of nose pad 4,0 EUR
  • Changing of plastic temple tip 3,0 EUR
  • Changing of nylon rim ­ 3,0 EUR
  • Changing of temple 6 EUR
  • Cleaning of eyewear with ultrasonic cleaner 2,0 EUR*
  • Adjustment of eyewear 2,0 EUR*
  • Mailing in Estonia 3,5-5,5 EUR
  • Mailing in EU 15 EUR

*For loyal customer free of charge