Nova UHD - the new way to see the world

It is a premium ultra-high definition progressive lens which offers customised comfort. These lenses are individually designed for every wearer using Responsive Vision Design whereby the wearer’s lifestyle and visual requirements are taken into consideration and the perfect progressive design is generated to provide high quality vision at all directions of gaze. Also aided with Binocular Balancing of visual fields these lenses provide clearer peripheral vision and sharper focus.

Nova UHD - ultra high definiton - is at the forefront of technology.

Moreover these lenses are powered with the latest state of the art Thickness Optimization Technology which reduces the centre and edge thickness of the lens considerably providing excellent aesthetics and enhancing transmission of light which adds to the sharpness of visual clarity with extra contrast.

User benefits:

  • Minimization of the unwanted swim effect to provide an optimum comfort. 
  • Distortion free panoramic vision for distance and extra wide field of vision for intermediate and near.
  • Unrestricted fields of clear vision with both eyes working in unison for a grand 3 Dimensional visual experience.
  • The lens is designed to be perfectly adapted to the common use of electronic devices thanks to Adaptive Vision Design.
  • Real feel of effortlessness in intermediate and near vision with each eye thanks to the variable inset.

Price of Nova UHD 1.5 Satin+ starting at 265€/ pair. Please ask for more information