Julbo Montebianco army/orange spectron 3

Tavahind: 110,00 €

Special Price 77,00 €

Saadavus: Laos

Kohtu 1, Kuressaare Kaart

From mountain to valley

A great classic for mountain lovers on familiar terms with the peaks..but who also return to the valley! Ideal for medium to large facs, the removable protective side shields offer perfect adaptability to climatic conditions. Lightness, tehnical excellence and high protection are combained with style and simplicity on this model.

Technical: Total cover; Curved temples; Grip Tech; Cord attachment; Removable side shields.

Weight: 32g

Lenses: Cat. 3 lens, with a flash coating colored, is suitable for all types of activity.

Available for ordering with prescription. Anti-reflective coating on the back surface of the lens. 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Available models in Rx Trem:

        Lenses type                    Frame+2 lenses
NXT Zebra Light Unifocal       449€
NXT Zebra Light Progressive 569€
NXT Zebra Unifocal                449€
NXT Zebra Progressive          569€
NXT Cameleon Unifocal         569€
NXT Cameleon Progressive   689€
NXT Octopus Unifocal            569€
NXT Octopus Progressive      689€
NXT Falcon Unifocal              569€
NXT Falcon Progressive        689€
PC Spectron 3 Unifocal          279€
PC Spectron 3 Progressive    389€
PC Spectron 4 Unifocal          339€
PC Spectron 4 Progressive    449€
PC Polarized 3 Unifocal         339€
PC Polarized 3 Progressive   449€

Please see lens selector here.